Meet Terri Phoenix

Apr 21, 2014
Headshot photo of Terri Phoenix, the director of the LGBTQ Center at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Terri Phoenix (T) grew up always feeling like an outsider. As a young child in a poor, fragmented family, Terri moved around more than ten times before starting high school and was always the "new kid."

Emilio Vicente / Emilio Vicente


Emilio Vicente says he ran for student body president at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill because he wanted to give a voice to the voiceless at his school. But as gay, undocumented Latino student, Emilio gained national attention. He recently lost the race to fellow student Andrew Powell.

By Gerard Gaskin

In the late 1960s, black and latino members of the LGBTQ community were searching for a space of their own outside of white drag shows. Many of them started hosting balls, or pageants where they could perform in a series of competitions and be judged by their peers. Since then the ballroom scene has become a global phenomenon.