The Green Book

Courtesy of Natalie Rodriguez/NC African American Heritage Commission

Negro Motorist Green Book was a critical resource for African-American travelers to find safe places to eat and sleep where they would not be targeted for their skin color. The resource was used by acclaimed musicians like James Brown and Ray Charles when they visited North Carolina. 

Listed in "The Green Book", the Magnolia House Motel, built in 1889 as a private resident, was converted to serve as a motel for African Americans traveling in the segregated 50s and 60s in Greensboro, N.C.
Lynn Hey / For WUNC

Live jazz fills the air and strangers become friends as they talk and eat eggs and waffles at the Historic Magnolia House in Greensboro on a recent Sunday.

Animation still artwork
Ammar Nasri and Zhou Quan

During the Jim Crow era, many businesses and establishments were not friendly to African-Americans which made traveling both inconvenient and dangerous for black families.