Eno River

The Festival for the Eno is the largest annual fundraiser for the conservation of the Eno River Valley.
Eno River Association

The Eno River Association will host the 40th annual Festival for the Eno beginning on Thursday in West Point Park in Durham. 

An image of John Dee Holeman
Jimmy Williams

We've teamed up with Come Hear NC on a podcast series that explores North Carolina music one song at a time. This week, director of the Festival For The Eno Greg Bell talks John Dee Holeman, who has performed at the festival all 40 years it's been held.

State park in Hillsborough overlooking the Eno River, forest, trees
Laura Candler


The Eno River Association has purchased 56 acres (23 hectares) along the North Carolina river as part of its conservation efforts.

Dave DeWitt

A state task force will begin work soon to try to control an invasive plant that threatens the Eno River. Hydrilla was first spotted in the southern U.S. in the 1960s.

Hydrilla came to this country from Asia and is especially concentrated on the eastern side of the Eno River State Park, where the water is wide and slow-moving.

The plants are visible just below the surface of the river, like a giant bright green blanket choking off sunlight to the river’s bottom. The plant is spreading at a rate of about a mile a year, and in twelve years could reach Falls Lake.