Bob Orr

WUNCPolitics Podcast

The North Carolina General Assembly is again sending redrawn district maps back to the court for review.

Former state Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr weighs in and remembers former Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake, who wrote another precedent-setting decision on redistricting. Orr also has an eye on a proposal in California that would let college athletes earn compensation from sponsorships.

WUNCPolitics Podcast

Former North Carolina Supreme Court Associate Justice Bob Orr is the guest on this week's episode of the WUNCPolitics Podcast.

Orr talks about judicial races on the midterm ballot, his continued frustrations with President Donald Trump, the chances he'll still be a Republican in 2020, and the verdict from a federal corruption trial that concluded this week.


A series of ads aimed at poaching businesses from North Carolina in response to House Bill 2 has drawn fire from a former North Carolina State Supreme Court Justice.

Photo: Jim Rose, regional president of Yadkin Bank in Raleigh, speaks before a crowd at the launch of the Connect NC campaign
Jorge Valencia

Governor Pat McCrory made his first public speech for a bond referendum on Tuesday, urging North Carolina voters to approve $2 billion in borrowing for public service investments such as building new science education and research facilities on college campuses, new facilities for the National Guard, and sewage renovations in small towns.