Young Entrepreneurs Solving Social Problems

Feb 10, 2015

UNC’s 2015 Social Entrepreneurship Conference challenges students on our 17 campuses to identify some of North Carolina’s most pressing social problems, then take a business-oriented approach to solving them.


   Students throughout the University of North Carolina's system are working to identify some of the state's most pressing social problems and address them with business-oriented approaches. 

The UNC Social Entrepreneurship Conference hosted teams with innovative strategies for tackling food waste in grocery stores, providing elderly care and creating less harmful farming pesticides. 

Host Frank Stasio talks with Gabrielle Beaudry, a member of FreshSpire, last year's Social Entrepreneurship Conference winning team. He also talks with Notis Pagiavlas, professor of marketing at Winston-Salem State University, about preparing for competition and how teams make their ideas stand out.