Wye Oak's Jenn Wasner Carves Out Creative Space For Solo Project, Flock Of Dimes

Jul 21, 2017

Jenn Wasner is best known as half of the Baltimore-based band Wye Oak. But for the past few years, she's been quietly working away at her own music under the banner Flock of Dimes

The debut album is called "If You See Me, Say Yes." It percolates with warm synthesizers, rhythm tracks and some subtle guitar playing.

Wasner made the move from Baltimore to Durham more than a year ago where she finished the record with new friends.  

In the song “Birthplace,” there's a line: “Any lie I told you/Was to seek a better truth."  

Wasner said she hit a creative wall in Baltimore and found herself telling “little white lies” to get out of familiar commitments so she could make time for creativity.

“In order to make any sort of creative work, you just need to carve out a massive amount of time and space,” said Wasner.

She bonded with the members of Durham-based group Sylvan Esso and decided to move to Bull City when a house opened up next door to theirs.

Wasner said she got support from some collaborators during the creation of her solo album, but overall, making the project was a “lonely process.”

“I feel so proud of the record that I’ve made, but it’s also really made me appreciate working with other more than I ever did before I started,” she said.

Wasner is taking Flock of Dimes on the road. She tours with Sylvan Esso this summer.