WUNC Youth Podcast: Hey Glynn Washington, What Is News?!

Jul 17, 2017

What is news?  

Glynn Washington from Snap Judgement
Credit Glynn Washingotn / WUNC

In this episode Snap Judgment’s Glynn Washington says, “It’s an interesting question not because I think that news is being redefined.  There used to be at least lip service or homage paid to a lack of bias in news."

He continues, "Now people are wearing their bias when they are delivering the news.  It’s hard to make a world view, a way that you understand how the world works when you don’t have any facts or when you fail to take facts in account that might challenge your world view.  I think news sources are less and less facts and more rage and opinion. I think it is exceptionally hard these days to get real good news.” 

Loulou Batta at American Tobacco Campus
Credit WUNC

What is news? Also in this episode WUNC’s 16-year-old Youth Reporter LouLou Batta says, “I define news as information.  I think in the word news the first three letters… n-e-w… are really important.  A new perspective, a new idea, a new event.  Any way that is brought to you is news.”