WUNC Youth Podcast: Hey De'Wayne Jackson, What is News?!

Jul 24, 2017

What is News?


De'Wayne Jackson in his music video "Truth is"
Credit De'Wayne Jackson / WUNC

In this episode Los Angeles Hip-Hop Artist, De'Wayne Jackson says,  

"I feel like at times hip-hop can be news for a lot of kids. We just have to continue to give our voices to the world and hope the kids that are listening can make a change."

Katherine Gan in the Studio
Credit Katherine Gan / WUNC

What is news? 

In this episode we also ask Katherine Gan "Can hip-hop be news?"

"I think hip hop can serve as a more positive outlook or more inspirational or galvanizing to people our age..... I think in that sense hip hop can connect far more people and be more powerful," said Gan.