WUNC Overall Excellence Entry 2016

Feb 16, 2016

The following is WUNC's Overall Excellence Entry for the 2016 RTDNA Edward R. Murrow Awards contest.

Chapel Hill Shootings   0:00-7:09

Early in 2015 a triple-murder in the college community of Chapel Hill led to a global outpouring of support. WUNC reporters and hosts followed the tragedy from the morning after the shooting around the globe, as a community mourned and tried to carry on the legacy of the three victims. Web coverage here.

Coal Ash   7:10-11:14

For the second year in a row, coal ash continued to be an environmental, policy and economic story our listeners followed. State lawmakers continued to debate what should be done with the potentially toxic carbon byproduct, as a neighbor demonstrated clean-up can happen. Web coverage here.

Politics   11:15-15:21                 

There were moments of civil disobedience, late night policy making, and visits from reality stars turned presidential front-runners. The Capitol Bureau team kept up with state government.   

Military 15:22-19:40

WUNC serves as home base for the American Homefront Project, a national military reporting partnership with KUOW and KPCC. Jay Price reports extensively about issues on base as well as veteran communities.

Newscast 19:41-21:51

And WUNC's newscasts serve as a hub for these stories, gathering local, national and international news stories of interest to our listeners.

Other web coverage:

Winter Weather


The State of Things interview program