WUNC Music and The Durham Hotel presents: WUNC Music Trivia on May 8th

May 4, 2018

[Now that the event is over, scroll down for the answer to our video questions]

Join us on the rooftop of the Durham Hotel on Tuesday, May 8th at 6PM for the first ever WUNC Music Trivia! Test your knowledge of North Carolina's rich music history with your host Eric Hodge. Prizes include packages from Moogfest, Beats n Bars Festival, Merge Records, The Pinhook, Motorco, and more!

The Durham Hotel rooftop
Credit The Durham

Our Video Questions and Upside Down Answers

Freddy Jenkin's Question

Answer: ʞǝǝɹƆ lǝʞɔᴉN

Leoneda Inge's Question

Answer: ʞunɥɔɹǝdnS

  Eric Hodge's Question

Answer: ǝɹɐnbS ǝsnoɥuǝʇʇᴉɹ ɹo 'sɹǝʞɐǝuS ǝɥ┴ 's,qp ǝɥ┴

  Catherine Brand's Question

Answer: W˙Ǝ˙ɹ

  Keith Weston's Question

Answer: (soᴉpnʇS ɥʇᴉɯS ɹnɥʇɹ∀ ǝɥ┴ ʇɐ) ƆN 'ǝʇʇolɹɐɥƆ