WUNC Launches New Radio Station

Aug 4, 2016

North Carolina Public Radio has launched a new radio station. WUNC Music can now be found online and on your phone at wuncmusic.org and on HD2 in the Triangle area.  

Morning Edition Host Eric Hodge spoke with WUNC Program Director David Brower about the new station.

Q: It's an exciting day.

David: "Yes it is. We've been dreaming about this for years and it's thrilling to see it finally launch."

Q: What kind of music are you playing?  

"It's what's know as an Adult Album Alternative, or AAA, format which evolved from 70s freeform radio. You remember that right? DJs programming their own music Johnny Fever style. Well if you take that basic idea, to play music you really love, combine it with the DIY spirit from the heyday of college radio when REM, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Smiths, The Replacements and Husker Du ruled the airwaves, then you'll have a triple A radio. Add a healthy dose of bands and songwriters from North Carolina and you'll have WUNC Music."

Q: Can you get specific, if I tune in today what will I hear?  

"Right, of course, let's listen to a couple of examples of bands that are emblematic of the WUNC Music sound. We'll start with the Avett Brothers. They're a great example of a band from this state that's made it big taking traditional instruments and making a truly joyful noise."

Q: What else you got?  

"Well you're going to hear some of the classic bands that have come out of this region as well. Bands like the dBs, Let's Active, Polvo, Squirrel Nut Zippers -- and of course those jangle pop darlings from Athens Georgia... REM."

Q: What about a band like Trombone Shorty -- do they fit? 

"Well let's listen and you tell me."

Q: I think it works.  

"Absolutely. AAA is a big tent kind of radio format. And it's important to remember that discovery is at the core of WUNC Music. Everyday we're hoping that listeners will discover something new. So Eric, do you remember the first time you heard Raleigh-based singer Tift Merritt?" 

Q: So Tift Merrit's in the mix. What's next for the new station? 

"Well first and foremost we're playing music 24-7. So when you need a break from the news of the day you can tune in to wuncmusic.org and hear something new. But then tomorrow I've got a little surprise for you Eric. After you get done hosting Morning Edition, I'm going to ask you to rock out a little and guest DJ with Laura Ballance from Merge Records. Tomorrow is the annual Merge Night at the Durham Bulls Game and to get ready Laura is bringing in a great big stack of records from their catalog to play on WUNC Music. So you and she can spin tunes from Arcade Fire, Mac McCaughn, Lampchop and a whole bunch of other great Merge Artists."

WUNC Music is on the air now. You can find great music 24-hours a day at wuncmusic.org.