W.S. Merwin Visits N.C. State

Oct 11, 2011

W. S. Merwin
Credit Shabda Khan

When W.S. Merwin handed over his U.S. Poet Laureate wreath to Philip Levine, Merwin returned to his solar powered house and lush gardens on the island of Maui. Merwin is known to live a quiet life. He has said that when he is in the city he misses the country all of the time and when he is in the country he misses the city some of the time, so he lives in the country and visits the city. As a poet, Merwin is revered for the quiet majesty of his language, his attention to the natural would and the music of his punctuation-free form. He has authored more than three dozen books and won every award an American poet and translator can win, including the Pulitzer Prize – twice. And he balances his quiet life with regular public appearances. On Monday, October 17th he’ll read at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. W.S. Merwin joins host Frank Stasio from his home in Hawai’i to talk about his long career.