A Workshop About Race, For White People Only

Feb 9, 2018

More than two-thirds of company executives rate diversity and inclusion as an important issue, according to a 2017 survey by  Deloitte. With an increase in interest for diversity and inclusion comes an increase in demand for racial equity and diversity workshops.

One of the popular trainings available is for white people only. Host Frank Stasio talks to David Campt, founder of the Ally Conversation Toolkit. Campt leads trainings for white people to prepare them to talk with other white people about race. He discusses why his trainings are geared towards these “white-on-white” conversations.

Stasio also talks to Alexa Broderick, a racial equity trainer and consultant. Broderick is also the founder and principal consultant for The Equity Paradigm, a diversity, equity, and inclusion firm. She analyzes the increased demand for her work and outlines what her workshops are like.