The Wonder Of Light: International Photonics Experts Gather At Duke

Mar 9, 2015

Duke University is hosting a photonics symposium this week. It's a premier event of the United Nations' International Year of Light.
Credit Paul Hirst / Creative Commons

This week, Duke University is hosting a conference with the world's foremost experts in light-based technologies.

The science of photonics studies how light interacts with matter. Fiber optic cable and lasers are two goods that were developed through photonics.

Janna Register is an organizer of this week's symposium at Duke’s Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics.

“Photonics is improving rapid communications, it is revolutionizing the way we diagnose disease, and it's the basis for a lot of really cool technologies, like personalized health monitoring.”

Register says presentations include a laser used to clean works of art, and an endoscope that can help doctors study live human tissue.

State and world leaders are gathering at the university this week, including two Nobel Laureates.

“We're bringing them all together in order not lot only present work that they're doing – exciting research that's happening in photonics – but also to come together to discuss where photonics is headed in the next century.”

This is a premier event of the United Nations’ International Year of Light.