Wolfpack In Charlotte For Bowl

Dec 27, 2011

NC State football fans are making their way to Charlotte today. The Wolfpack is playing Louisville in the Belk Bowl.

This has been a challenging and triumphant year to be an NC State football fan. Coach Tom O’Brien says that especially early in the season, things didn’t look good.

Tom O'Brien: "Certainly we’re excited about the opportunity to continue our season. At a point 7 games ago we didn’t look like we’d be on anyone’s radar."

Then the Wolfpack shut out North Carolina back in early November. But a tough road loss to Boston College set the Wolfpack back. A come-from-behind win over the ACC’s worst team - Maryland – made State eligible for the Belk Bowl.

Bank of America stadium in Charlotte will likely be a sea of red, and not just because that’s the main color for both teams. NC State sold out its original allotment of tickets in just four days.