Winston-Salem Musicians Mourn Death Of Faye Hunter

Jul 26, 2013

Faye Hunter was the bassist for 80's band Let's Active.
Credit Faye Hunter, Facebook

The Winston-Salem community mourns the loss of local musician Faye Hunter, who was found dead in on Saturday of an apparent suicide. She was 59 years old. Hunter was the bassist in the 80’s band Let’s Active, which was led by Mitch Easter. Yesterday on "Here & Now," host Jeremy Hobson interviewed Easter about his former bandmate.

“She had a lot of worries,” Easter said. “Even though people were offering all kinds of help, it’s like it didn’t really sink in that they were really going to help her, like she couldn’t accept the help or something. She just felt, I think, like she was at the end of her rope.”

Hunter had been taking care for her aging mother by herself, Easter said, and had been exhausted for a long time.

“It’s just so sad because I talked to her like two days before, and I reiterated all the things that I was thinking of I could do that would be helpful to her,” Easter went on to say. “You can say ‘somebody should have just gone over there and put her in their car,’ but when do you do that? We’ve all been in touch with her. The state of stress had been going on for a long time, and you never know when the day is when it’s just too much. But I guess that’s what happened.”

He said that her bass-playing for Let’s Active had a distinct, lilting quality to it that he always loved hearing.

"She was definitely artistic, but every bit as much as that she was a deeply kind person and she was an animal person," Easter said. "There wasn’t a single animal of the face of the earth that she wouldn’t try to help if it needed help. She was just a great person, a really great person. Very distinctive, bright, interesting person.”

Peter Holsapple, a musician friend of Hunter’s from Winston-Salem, wrote a reflection about Hunter in the Indy Week on Monday.

The funeral will be held today in Winston-Salem.