Why Comic Books Don’t Have Heroic Female Characters

May 2, 2013

Comic book fans know the pleasure of becoming absorbed in an alternate world. One where weirdos and freaks reign supreme as superheroes and saviors. It’s the perfect escape for somebody that doesn’t feel as though they quite fit in. For Jeremy Whitley, comics were engrossing, so much so that he wanted to make his own. But then he had a daughter.

"It just struck me that there were all these male role models," he said. "And then the female role models, even the strong ones are scantily clad, running around in ridiculous outfits."

So he set out to change that. He created the comic “PrinceLess.” It follows a princess who embarks on a series of quests, content to be the hero of her own adventure.

"Princess Adrienne is a princess locked away in a tower by her evil parents...she decides that she doesn't want to wait around and be rescued, so she decides to rescue herself."

Whitley works on multiple comic book projects and even helped create an independent comic book company, Firetower Studios. He said his daughter isn’t quite old enough to appreciate “PrinceLess.” His hope is that one day, she will be, and she’ll get a positive role model out of the experience.  

Jeremy Whitley will be at Ultimate Comics in Durham Saturday.

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