'When The Students Say 'No,' You Say, 'That's Not Acceptable.''

May 21, 2014

Northern High School junior Sarah Morrison and English teacher Nancy Duffner

'Seeing your enthusiasm for learning and calling it Duffner's Day Care made my experience in this classroom a whole lot better. When the students say 'no,' you say, 'that's not acceptable. You have to try.'' - Sarah Morrison

WUNC is in the midst of a yearlong examination of what it's like to be an educator, called the North Carolina Teacher Project. This week, we're returning to the My Teacher series, exploring what it takes to make a connection in the classroom by asking students to interview their teachers.

Junior Sarah Morrison says her veteran English teacher Nancy Duffner pushed her to be a better writer and dig deeper for her stories about current events. Mrs. Duffner has been around long enough to witness district consolidation and the changing demographics in northern Durham.

Sarah talks with Mrs. Duffner about her career, and how her experience has prepared Sarah to be a journalist.

Sarah's conversation with Nancy Duffner is part of WUNC's My Teacher series. It's also a part of American Graduate-Let’s Make it Happen!- a public media initiative to address the drop out crisis, supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The My Teacher series is produced and facilitated by Will Michaels.

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