When Soldiers Die At Home

May 22, 2015

VA Puget Sound – Seattle Division
Credit pugetsound.va.gov/

Combat veterans often struggle at the end of life with feelings of guilt, abandonment and regret. For some dying service members and their families, a military hospital is a place where they can make those last days meaningful.

Host Frank Stasio talks with KUOW reporter Patricia Murphy about end of life care for our nation’s soldiers.

She will also share the story of Navy pilot Lieutenant Kelly Patterson whose plane was shot down near Hanoi during the Vietnam War. Patterson has been missing since 1967 but some still believe that he is alive.

Lt. James “Kelly” Patterson, left, and his brother George “Luck” Patterson in Vietnam. When James Patterson was given a break during the Vietnam War, he went to find his brother in Vietnam. Right after their time together, his plane was shot down.

Murphy’s work is part of The American Homefront Project, a collaboration between WUNC, KPCC and KUOW focused on issues related to the armed forces.