What Is Your Experience With Race In NC?

Apr 30, 2015

Credit Creative Commons

  From Ferguson to Baltimore, events have unfolded across the country with race at center stage.

American media coverage has reported on protests and investigated lethal altercations between black males and police officers.

But while Twitter feeds and television screens stream with images of social unrest, it is important to think about what is happening in individual communities.

We want to hear from you. Share your experience with race in North Carolina. It can be a short anecdote about a time you felt your racial identity shaped an experience or the way race has impacted your life.

There are two options for participation:

1. Call (919) 537-9083 and leave a voicemail  with your name, where you live and a short message. Please keep your message under two minutes.  Messages may be shared on our website.

2. Fill out the survey below. Survey responses will be paired with some of the audio messages in continuing coverage of race in North Carolina.

Your experiences are important and we appreciate your input.