What Should Downtown Greensboro Look Like In 10 Years? Residents Offer Ideas

Nov 27, 2019

In the lobby of the Triad Stage theater in downtown Greensboro, residents placed sticky notes on large display boards.  On them are written things like "more residential units," "transit for college students" and "a multi-use arena."

It's all part of gathering ideas for Greensboro's 2030 Vision Plan. The goal of the plan is to get a better understanding of how downtown should feel, look and function.

"We want to create something that makes sure Greensboro is competitive throughout this very competitive world that we live in," said Zack Matheny, CEO of Downtown Greensboro Incorporated. "We're on a cusp, we're close, that means we got to take advantage of the excitement that exists and continue to push us forward."

While some people wrote that they want downtown to be more sustainable, eclectic or even have a man-made beach, resident Cris Schamp wants downtown to be more bike-friendly. 

"I would love to see vehicle free," he said. "It's just a model to me that's forward looking."

The best ideas will be collected and presented in the spring.