'What I Am Missing': For High School Senior Brooke Cox, Science Olympiad And Tennis Are Memories Now

Apr 28, 2020

Brooke Cox had a lot to look forward to her senior year. She reflects on missing out on sports and Science Olympiad, on top of the little moments that makes attending in-person classes special.
Credit Courtesy Brooke Cox

The pandemic has had an especially harsh impact on high school seniors in North Carolina. They've missed events they can't get back, like final performances, sports seasons, proms and graduations. Still, many have shown resilience and hopefulness.

The South Point High School Science Olympiad team placed third in the state competition in 2018-19.
Credit Courtesy Brooke Cox

WUNC reporter Cole del Charco has been collecting some of their stories, and will share them on a regular basis over the next few weeks. The first perspective comes from senior Brooke Cox from South Point High School in Belmont.