What Happens When A Hurricane Raises The Dead

Jul 19, 2018

When Hurricane Matthew flooded low-lying areas across Eastern North Carolina in October 2016, thousands of people were displaced. As Martha Quillin writes in the News & Observer, it wasn’t just the living who moved.

At Elmwood Cemetery in Goldsboro, the remains of 36 people buried just under the surface of the ground were disinterred by the storm’s floodwaters. While some were easily reburied, other remains will require DNA samples to be correctly identified before they are put in a more final resting place.

Guest host Anita Rao talks with News & Observer staff writer Martha Quillin about Goldsboro’s efforts to do right by the deceased. If you are a relative of someone buried in the cemetery, or know the name or location of a relative, please contact cemetery superintendent Tim Irving at 919-735-1065.