What Does Disability Mean To You? UNC Student Exhibit Features Personal Stories And Pictures

Mar 19, 2013

A new exhibit at UNC Chapel Hill aims to challenge the way people think about the word "disability." It's a collection of photos and narratives written by students called "This Able Life." UNC junior Katie Savage founded the campus group, Advocates for Carolina. She says she hopes the exhibit will help dissolve the stigma often associated with disability and transform the word into something celebratory that empowers and inspires.

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. And also, when I see it, I see myself. It's helped me to redefine my entire being. I feel a sense of pride that I didn't have before. I feel a sense of oneness and a deeper sense of connection and community, too."

Katie lost her leg unexpectedly 13 years ago after heart surgery. Her narrative talks about the courage it took to learn how to do everything over again. She says the exhibit helped her to embrace the word "disability" for the first time.   The exhibit will be on view at the Gallery of the Union starting Tuesday, March 19th.   

Today on the State of Things, Host Frank Stasio talks to Katie Savage, Joey Bozik and Megan Gress about their organization Advocates for Carolina.