"Welcome Y'all" Signs Pop Up Around The Triangle

Apr 21, 2017

Drivers in the area may notice an outcropping of signs that say "Welcome to Raleigh, Y'all." The yard signs and murals give the greeting in 17 languages. The creators say it's a welcome message to people of different cultures.

The campaign is the work of the husband and wife team Tina Haver Currin and Grayson Currin.

"We wanted to do something that sort of bridged this divide between digital engagement and actual physical, real world things that you can see and touch and hold and take pictures of and then talk about," Currin said.

With the support of Visit Raleigh and individual donors, the two have placed over 3,000 signs in Raleigh including three large, hand-painted murals.

Currin said that right now they offer yard signs by donation for Raleigh and Durham on the website for their non-profit, Come Out and Show Them.

"Hopefully over time, if we get enough of these out there in the wild, it will begin to engage neighbors and create conversations and, if anything, give somebody a smile when they drive by," Currin said.

Currin said they hope to create a "Welcome to North Carolina, Y'all" sign in the future to place in yards across the state.