WATCH "Black Woman" By Dom Flemons Video Premiere

Oct 25, 2018

WUNC is proud to present the world premiere of the video for "Black Woman" performed by Dom Flemons. The song was explained in the first episode of Season 2 of the American Songster Podcast and is included on Dom’s “Black Cowboys” release on Smithsonian Folkways.

Dom chose "Black Woman" to honor the thousands of African-American women who built churches, schools, and communities, bringing structure to the new territories. In the 1995 book Black Women of the Old West, author William Loren Katz writes, "It has been argued that since African-American women were a tiny minority within a Western minority, omitting them [from popular culture, including books, music, and film] was hardly an act of discrimination. Although few in number, they earned an honored niche in the saga of the wilderness. As the nation grapples with the history of its multi-cultural past, the story of the frontier African-American women deserves a telling."

Video/Photo Credits

  • Tin Type Photograph #1: Dom Flemons
  • Tin Type Photograph #2: Vania Kinard
  • Photograph 3,6: Great Grandmother Honey Duley
  • Photograph 4,5: Grandmother Mamie
  • Tin Type Photography By: Timothy Duffy
  • Photographs from Flemons family collection
  • Video By: Vania Kinard
  • Website:
  • Folkways Website

Vania Kinard
Credit Tim Duffy