Wake & Orange Counties Rank Healthiest

Apr 4, 2012

Wake and Orange counties are the healthiest in the state. That's according to a new study ranking health outcomes by county across the nation. In North Carolina and elsewhere, the healthiest counties tend to be the wealthiest. Michelle Larkin is with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which compiled the study with the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

Michelle Larkin: Counties can see how they're doing; they can look at how they're using their limited resources and really tackle the problem that are greatest for them, whether that's high school graduation rates or bringing business into that community. So while poverty and income are important, there are lots of other things that go towards health.

The survey looks at classic measures like obesity, smoking, and teen pregnancy rates, and also includes factors such as education rates, income levels, and access to healthy foods. The least healthy counties according to the study are Robeson and Swain.