Voter ID Passes, But Questions Remain

Nov 7, 2018

Screen shot: Senator Phil Berger "Protect Voter ID"
Credit Phil Berger

Now what? That might be the question for many North Carolinians after voters approved a constitutional amendment requiring photo identification at the polls.

The photo ID amendment says nothing about how such a requirement will be enforced.

That will be up to a lame-duck legislature with a veto-proof Republican majority.

The General Assembly is scheduled to go back into session in a little more than two weeks, and is expected to draft enabling legislation for photo ID.

The last time a Republican-led legislature passed voter ID in North Carolina – in 2013 – a federal court struck the law down for targeting African-Americans with "almost surgical precision."

That law would have allowed passports and driver's licenses to be used but not work or school IDs. It also provided for free state-issued photo IDs.