Vote For Mom! Mothers Go From Working In An Office To Holding One

May 1, 2019

Katherine Goldstein is the creator and host of "The Double Shift," a podcast about working mothers.
Credit Photo courtesy of Katherine Goldstein

Working mothers have a lot stacked against them. From insufficient parental leave to workplace culture that penalizes family time, moms often find it extremely challenging to get ahead professionally while raising kids. In politics, the barriers are even more daunting. Young moms on the campaign trail are routinely asked about their ability to manage family and political life and field questions about their commitment to issues beyond kids and schools. 

Host Frank Stasio talks with journalist Katherine Goldstein, creator and host of the podcast “The Double Shift,” about the way our workplaces, families and society are failing working moms. North Carolina Rep. Ashton Wheeler Clemmons, (D- Guilford), also joins the conversation to share her experience as a young mother running for and holding office.

Goldstein holds a listening party for "The Double Shift" at the Pinhook in Durham at 5:30 p.m. on May 14. The State of Things' managing editor Anita Rao joins her on stage.