VIDEO PREMIERE: Skylar Gudasz 'Actress'

Dec 4, 2020

WUNC Music is excited to premiere Skylar Gudasz's new video for 'Actress' off of her brilliant 2020 album Cinema. Directed by Emmett Anderson and Andrew Synowiez, the video takes us back to pre-COVID times, set in a hazy and crowded bar.

Gudasz had this to say about the video:

Last December, of course not knowing what was in store for all of us in the coming months, I got together with directors Emmett Anderson and Andrew Synowiez and my community to make a collaborative music video for the track Actress. With many cameos of people dear to my heart - from a number of wonderful musicians in the Durham, NC scene to my former acting teacher, Ray Dooley - we wanted to make a memorable, one take experience of Actress as she observes, embodies and is then taken over by the whims of the world she finds herself in. The generosity and creativity of everyone involved when we gathered and packed together at Kingfisher Bar in Durham that cold night - dancing with each other, putting on each other's makeup and costumes, eating food together - seems to exist in a completely different universe than the one we are living in now, and yet the record of that experience extends, I hope, some beacons of warmth and togetherness.

Watch the video here: