The Veldt: Token - WUNC's Songs We Love Podcast

Oct 30, 2017

Credit WUNC

Songs We Love is a series and a podcast that looks at the stories behind some of the songs we're playing on our new music discovery stream, WUNC Music.

On this episode, Eric Hodge chats with Raleigh's The Veldt about their song "Token" from the album The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation.

Daniel Chavis says the song is inspired by a story he heard about a man who built a Victorian-era house for his wife in Raleigh. The house wasn't completed until after the man's death, but according to the woman she was visited by her late husband once she had settled in.

"He came back to her, giving her a token of how he felt about this house."

Listen to the episode here: