Valerie June Brings Her Enchanting Spirit To Durham

Jun 29, 2018

Valerie June is known for her eclectic voice, energetic on-stage performance and soulful lyrics. She was born in Tennessee, raised in the church and got her start in the music biz by helping out her dad who promoted artists like Prince and Bobby Womack.

Through her father she learned the tools to promote and showcase her own music. Under the umbrella of blues and folk, June’s voice and performance style projects something uniquely her own, and that sound has mesmerized fans around the world.

June joins host Frank Stasio for conversation and performance in studio. She shares the other-worldly way her songs come to her and how songwriting has helped her process the death of her father. June plays a free show Friday, June 29 at Durham Central Park at 6 p.m. as part of a free “PLAYlist” concert series.