UNCG To Celebrate 125 Years

Oct 5, 2017

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro celebrates its 125th anniversary today.

In honor of the milestone, students, alumni and faculty are invited to participate in activities on campus like games, photos booths and much more.

UNCG Chancellor Frank Gilliam Jr. says there are plans to continue to grow the university.

“We will look to enter into partnerships with private entities as we look to develop the perimeter of the campus and we’ll focus on our online offerings,” he said.

Some of the activities planned for the day include: photo booths, games, music, food and much more. There will be a 125 foot cake as well.

Even though 125 years is a milestone, Gilliam said it’s not just about celebrating.

“Founder’s Day and this whole year of our 125th provides a platform for us to embrace our legacy while at the same time planning for our future,” he said.

The university has changed and grown dramatically over the past decade according to Gilliam.  He says there are three specific eras associated with UNCG: the women’s only university era; the commuter school era; and the residential hall era.

“It’s interesting because most universities have sort of been the same thing the whole time and we’ve had these three quite distinct eras if you will,” he said.

Activities will begin at 4 p.m. on the UNCG campus.

The university plans to embrace and celebrate their one hundred and twenty-fifth birthday through the rest of the year.