UNC Board Of Governors Split On Sharing Staff With Spellings

Nov 3, 2017

Members of the UNC Board of Governors are split on whether or not to hire their own staff. A related motion failed in committee Thursday, but some members want the full board to weigh in.

The staff that currently serves the board also reports to UNC President Margaret Spellings. The balance of power between the two authorities has been tested in recent months. And state legislators authorized the board to hire its own staff in its budget passed earlier this year.

But a motion to draft policy for hiring up to three dedicated staff members failed Thursday on a tie vote. Opposing members suggested the motion would undercut President Spellings and ‘further divide’ the board.

Member Frank Grainger expressed his concerns during a committee meeting Thursday. He is the longest-serving member on the board.

“I just would not be in favor of this,” Grainger said. “I think this is going to further divide this board, and I think this board is the most divided board that I've ever been on and ever seen.”

Despite the failed motion, some members requested the full board take up the matter in December at its next meeting. The board chair said this would require two-thirds of board members to vote in favor of the discussion.