U2: The Little Things That Give You Away - WUNC's Songs We Love Podcast

Apr 16, 2018

WUNC's Songs We Love Podcast
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Stephen Judge - Schoolkids Records
Credit Stephen Judge

Songs We Love is a series and a podcast that looks at the stories behind some of the songs we're playing on our new music discovery stream, WUNC Music.

This Saturday is Record Store Day, a worldwide celebration of record stores and the people that keep them afloat in the age of streaming and digital downloads. To celebrate, we invited some local record store owners and managers to come by the studio and tell us about what they've been listening to lately, and what the occasion means to them.

Up first is Stephen Judge of Schoolkids Records. Stephen talks to us about a song off of the latest U2 album called 'The Little Things That Give You Away.' He says he saw the band in Dublin this past Summer and the song blew him away when they played it.

Judge also talks about how important Record Store Day is to him and to independent record stores around the world. He talks about some of the special releases that will be available this Saturday including one he's particularly excited about, a reissue of a 7" collection of North Carolina hardcore bands called 'Why Are We Here?' The 7" was originally released in the 80's and has become a collector's item.

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Why Are We Here?
Credit Stephen Judge