Dec 27, 2010

Many folks are taking down their Christmas trees this week – but in some communities, celebrating continues with the African-inspired Kwanzaa.

Chuck Davis loooooooves Kwanzaa.

"Nguzo Saba! Nguzo Saba! Umoja, Kujichagulia (singing)."

Davis is the founder and artistic director of the African American Dance Ensemble in Durham. He’s singing in Ki-swahili the principles of Kwanzaa which include Creativity, Faith, and Unity.

Kwanzaa is a cultural event celebrated by mostly African Americans between the week of Christmas and New Years. Davis likes celebrating year-round.

"I mean, I will pull up a principle in the middle of the summer and talk about it – those are principles you should live by."

Several Kwanzaa events will be held this week in Durham at the Hayti Heritage Center. Davis is hosting the New Year’s Day celebration at the Durham Armory – at noon.