The Three Davids: Holt, LaMotte and Wilcox

Jul 10, 2015

David Holt, David LaMotte and David Wilcox all knew each other as members of the Asheville music scene, but they'd never played together.

Holt and LaMotte ended up at the same airport in the summer of 2014, and some small talk led to the idea of the three of them linking up as one musical collaboration. Soon enough, The Three Davids was born.

Host Frank Stasio talks with David Holt, David LaMotte and David Wilcox about forming a new band in the midst of their own careers.

Set List:

"The Drover Song" (starts at 2:23)

"Rusty Old American Dream" (6:59)

"Taste The Light" (14:15)

The Three Davids will perform at the Cary Arts Center tomorrow at 8 p.m.

They posted a video online of all three playing together as a preview for their concert.