There’s Slow Food And Slow Fashion, How About Slow Journalism?

Mar 7, 2018

Ruxandra Guidi is no stranger to deadlines. She has been working as a storyteller and journalist for close to two decades for outlets including NPR, the BBC, National Geographic and The New York Times. But lately she has become increasingly interested in slowing down the reporting process and seeing what happens when she gives herself one month or one year to tell a story, instead of one day or one week.

Slowing down has allowed her to create projects like “Going Gray in LA,” a multi-part multimedia series about aging and “Guna Yala: Between the Forest and the Sea,” a series about the indigenous territory of Guna Yala, Panama. Host Frank Stasio talks with Guidi collaborating more deeply with communities and stakeholders to take journalism beyond the page or podcast. Guidi is the 2018 Susan Tift Fellow with Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies. She will speak about her work on Wednesday, March 7 at the Center for Documentary Studies in Durham.