Tariffs: What Price Will North Carolina Pay?

Apr 4, 2018

North Carolina's tobacco industry is among those that will be affected by new tariffs.
Credit Larry Lamb / Flickr Creative Commons

Weeks ago Donald Trump announced a tariff on steel that will impact China. In response, China plans to increase tariffs on several popular American exports including pork. Veteran Winston-Salem Journal reporter Richard Craver believes both countries will pay the price. From North Carolina beer brewers to major construction companies, local business are concerned, but there may also be some winners when the smoke clears. He joins host Frank Stasio to talk about the local impact of the steel tariff.

Plus, WUNC Daily News producer Will Michaels shares highlights from his conversation with the North Carolina Pork Council. North Carolina is one of the top producers of pork in the country, but only a small portion of the state’s pork products are sold to China, and it is mostly variety meats like pig stomach, feet, and ears. However, the state exported $100 million in pork to China last year, and a 25 percent tariff could have dire impact on the rural pig farmers in the state.