Swing Music Has Come And Gone And Come Again

Nov 22, 2013

Mint Julep Jazz Band
Credit http://mintjulepjazzband.com/


The Mint Julep Jazz Band was named “Best Musical Artist” by Durham Magazine. 

The band recreates the sounds of jazz clubs in the roarin’ twenties and the toe-tappin’ tunes of the Big Band era. They will play on November 23 at the Cookery for Housing for Hope’s Inaugural Rent Party at 7pm.  Host Frank Stasio speaks to members of the band about the art of making music for swing dancing. 

The band performed the song "One Girl and Two Boys" from the 1943 film "Swing Fever" starring Kay Kyser, a North Carolina native.  Here's the famous scene from the movie.

Here's the band's version of "One Girl and Two Boys."  This movie by Jennifer Lee won Seattle's Jazz Dance Film Fest in 2013.

Click here to watch the Mint Julep Jazz Band's music featured on Sesame Street.

Watch the video of this broadcast