Study: Vaccinating Boys Against HPV Could Prevent Cancer In Men and Women

Mar 16, 2015

Duke math researchers say vaccinating boys against HPV could help prevent certain types of cancer in men and women.
Credit Kaiser Permanente

A mathematical model from Duke University mathematicians suggests more can be done to protect people from the human papilloma virus.  

 HPV is associated with cervical cancer in women, but can also cause various cancers in men.   Duke mathematician Marc Ryser says the study suggests focusing limited public health dollars on vaccinating the large number of boys who have not had the shots. "The uptake in girls has stagnated and remains low, the uptake in boys, so the number of boys who get vaccinated is still very low, it’s about 14 percent." Ryser says the 37 percent of girls have been vaccinated, leaving less room for improvement.  The CDC recommends all girls and boys get the shots between the ages of 11 and 12, before they become sexually active.