Study Underway For Possible Triad Road Improvements

Feb 9, 2017

High Point city manager Greg Demko said a study is underway for a possible road upgrade to Lexington Avenue and Greensboro Road corridor.

The city of High Point is looking at the cost of a project that will improve a stretch of road from Greensboro and Jamestown to northern Davidson County.

A study to get the project off the ground is currently underway. The project is estimated to cost around $60 million.

If approved, it will upgrade the Lexington Avenue and Greensboro Road corridor in High Point and make highway access easier for drivers.

High Point City Manager Greg Demko said the study and the potential project is about more than improving the road.

“It's a key piece for High Point's future on improving gateways into Center City High Point into each of our highway networks,” he said.

The project will also make it quicker for drivers in the southern portion of the Triad to get to the airport.

The engineering study will examine the types of improvements needed for the road.

Some of the upgrades along the route will include new sidewalks, bus stops and bike lanes.

Demko said it was time to upgrade Lexington Avenue and Greensboro Road.

"The road that exists right now, it's just not sufficient to carry loads that it should and provide a good access out to the airport or a gateway into High Point,” Demko said.