The Struggle For Progress

Oct 15, 2014

Sitting on the steps with a child soon after I arrived in Durham to work as a community organizer for Operation Breakthrough.

Dr. Howard Fuller has dedicated much of his life’s work to eradicating poverty. His work began in 1965, when he went to Durham to work as a community organizer and helped young African-American students and youth find a voice for themselves in organizations aimed toward ending poverty. 

He worked with organizations to create community cleanup initiatives, pressured slumlords to keep up their properties and pressured city hall to provide more services in needy communities. He shifted some of his focus to education issues and a trying to provide better opportunities for children from low-income backgrounds. Host Frank Stasiotalk with Dr. Howard Fuller about his new memoir No Struggle No Progress (Marquette University Press/2014) and his lifelong battle against poverty.