Stories From The Homefront: The Civil War In The Tar Heel State

Apr 13, 2016

The story of the American Civil War is often told through famous battles and important generals. But that narrative doesn’t accurately represent North Carolina’s civil war story. In this state, the impact of the civil war was felt more on the homefront, within the homes, families and communities of ordinary people. The North Carolina Museum of History has begun an effort to pay tribute to these lesser-known Civil War stories through the North Carolina Civil War History Center, set to open in 2020. The center aims to collect 100 stories from each of the state’s 100 counties to provide a rich and complicated narrative of both The Civil War and Reconstruction.

  Host Frank Stasio talks with David Winslow, senior consultant at the North Carolina Civil War History Center; Jim Leutze, history scholar and chancellor emeritus at UNC-Wilmington; Leesa Jones, director of the Washington Waterfront Underground Railroad History Museum; and actor and director Ira David Wood. 

Learn more about the effort and how to share your own story: ​