State Supreme Court Candidate Releases New TV Ad

Oct 16, 2012

Justice Paul Newby, the Republican incumbent running for the state Supreme Court, has released a new TV ad. He's running against Democratic Judge Sam Ervin.

North Carolinians should hear more ads from Newby and Ervin as election day nears. Newby's campaign has released a new one this week.

Campaign ad: "Meet Paul Newby, our Supreme Court Justice, Citizen Lawyer..."

This 15 second ad was released at about the same time a super PAC called the North Carolina Judicial Coalition, released a humorous 30 second ad supporting Newby. Ervin has spoken out against outside money in the race. Both candidates have received public money to run for the state's highest court. Ervin's campaign advisor says Ervin will release television ads very soon. The state supreme court is split 4 to 3 in favor of Republicans.