State Senate Budget Proposal Highlights Teacher Pay Raises

Jun 1, 2016

The state Senate is debating its biannual spending plan this week.

Top Republicans are highlighting a modest increase in overall state spending. They’re also highlighting an average teacher pay raise of 13.5 percent, although details are still scarce on how the plan will provide for the increases.

In a press conference with reporters Tuesday, Senate Leader Phil Berger said the budget proposal would not represent significant cuts in other areas.

“Basically, it’s coming from tax receipts, and it’s coming from the fact that with the budgeting that we’ve done over the past five years, with what we’ve seen as far as the revenue coming into state coffers, I mean, it’s fully-funded with recurring revenue,” Berger said.

Last month, legislators in the state House approved their version of the budget bill. The Senate is expected to finalize its spending plan by Friday. Leading members from both chambers will then work on a compromise deal.

A final agreement is expected to be sent to Gov. Pat McCrory by July 1.