State GOP To Push Voter ID Bill

Dec 6, 2010

Rep. Tim Moore
Credit NC General Assembly

State Republicans plan to introduce a bill that would require voters in North Carolina to present identification… possibly photo identification… before casting votes. Republicans have tried to pass this sort of bill before. But they’ve been the minority party.  They will take over the House and Senate in January.

Representative Tim Moore of Cleveland County will sponsor the bill:

"You know in this era of identity fraud and identity theft and issues about non-citizens voting, requiring a photo ID adds just another layer of protection to protect the franchise."

Critics worry the bill would decrease voter turnout especially among poor, Democratic-leaning voters.

"It’s not about decreasing turnout. It’s about ensuring a legal turnout. You know the turnout it’ll decrease? It will decrease the illegal turnout and we need to decrease the illegal turnout."

Others point to the low number of cases of actual voter fraud as evidence it’s not a widespread problem.

"Those who say it’s not a problem are just ignoring reality. I mean look at the number of folks who are here in this state illegally, working, getting paid under the table or using false IDs or whatever and we would be foolish to think that there aren’t unscrupulous politicians out there who would use these same type folks to simply try and get votes."

The legislature is back in session January 26th.