State Board Hears McCrory's Five Pathways Plan

Jul 10, 2013

Pat McCrory at a middle school earlier this year.
Credit NC Governors Office

Governor Pat McCrory is pushing a Five Pathways plan to improve education. The plan is broad and affects all levels of public education in North Carolina, from early childhood education to Universities.

Eric Guckian, the Governor’s Education Advisor, presented the plan to the State Board of Education today. He highlighted one of the five pathways:  growing “innovative learning options” for families.

“So whether it be a charter or a public school or a private school if it’s not getting it right for kids then I think we need to stop doing what we’re doing,” Guckian told the Board. “And if it is getting it right, then we need to expand it.”

Other initiatives include developing a merit-pay system for teachers and having businesses play a larger role in expressing specific education needs.

The plan will be further developed over the next several months, with specific policy recommendations likely for the spring legislative session.