‘Stained-Glass Millennials:’ Keeping The Faith In A New Era

Mar 7, 2017

Rob Lee collected testimonials from faithful millennials for his book, 'Stained-Glass Millennials'
Credit Jessi Lancaster

Millennials are the least likely to go to church and less religiously oriented than generations before them. It’s a statistic that has been repeated often in recent years to explain the drop in attendance at Christian churches across the country.

But Rob Lee, a Methodist millennial, says that the faithful in his generation have been lost in that narrative.

The Statesville, N.C., native grew up steeped in the traditions and community of his church, and argues there is more common ground between the church and millennials than the statistics show.

In his book, “Stained-Glass Millennials” (2016/Smyth & Helwys), Lee collected testimonials from a handful of faithful millennials who explain why they have stayed in their churches despite their doubts, and how those institutions can reach back out to this generation.

Host Frank Stasio talks with Lee, an ordained minister and student at Duke University Divinity School, about his own journey of faith and mainline Christianity in the Millennial generation.