Sound Opinions Show

Sep 3, 2015

ANNOUNCER COPY: Coming up… Remembering the late great neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks. Plus, songs to celebrate going back to school.



Neurologist and author Oliver Sacks passed away on August 30 at the age of 82. Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot revisit their 2007 conversation with Dr. Sacks about the surprising effects that music has on the brain. Sacks was best known for books like Awakenings, which was adapted into an award-winning film starring Robin Williams.


With September upon us, that means that classes are back in session. Jim and Greg celebrate the kids hopping back on the buses with some more of their favorite Back-to-School songs. Artists featured include Paul Simon, Dolly Parton, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Belle & Sebastian.


At the end of the show we hear comments from listeners.